With the new horizon of IoT adoption and digital transformation, managed mobility service providers are becoming an essential partner. Strong managed mobility service (MMS) providers can organize and optimize mobility expenses. This can free your IT department from mobility management to handle more pressing tasks.

Despite the benefits of partnering with an MMS, there can be hesitancy. Mostly due to the large number of providers, companies can become overwhelmed by varying options. In order to find the best MMS partner in a sea of managed mobility service providers, enterprises should focus on these 6 items.

Current mobility requirements

The first aspect any enterprise should assess is if the MMS will easily fit into the current landscape of applications and IT infrastructure. The MMS should fit the size and scope of current mobility use. This includes compatibility with existing data, security networks, and mobile carriers.

The MMS has viable integrations

A strong MMS will have all the integrating capabilities necessary to combine their mobility management systems with your internal infrastructure with little to no manual processes.  And the MMS should run smoothly on top of all existing IT infrastructure.

Otherwise, the MMS will have to procure or build all systems needed to integrate with your existing systems. This can be costly and time consuming, negating the purpose of hiring managed mobility service providers.

The MMS is customizable

Every enterprise has its own platforms and structural setup, which means MMS solutions cannot be offered as a box solution. An MMS provider should offer multiple options on their own platform, allowing your organization to build and customize based on your mobility management needs.

The MMS partner should offer the ability to add as you progress, offering solutions you might not think you need now but can add later.

Scalability options

Most businesses assume growth as they develop their strategic plans. Just as you expect growth within your enterprise, you should assume the ability to grow with any MMS you hire. It’s important to remember mobility and technology is a constantly changing horizon.

Any MMS you consider should have the capability to expand and change as quickly as technology does, offering your organization the ability to stay abreast of any fluctuations that affect efficiency.

Search for managed mobility service providers with a great reputation

The MMS sector is becoming more crowded as mobility continues to develop. Despite the relatively newness of the industry, some companies have been around a long time. These companies have more experience with telecommunications and the industry as it has developed. Shop around for an MMS who has a positive reputation and longevity.

Ask for details about support offered

All MMS providers are not all the same. Some providers offer 24/7 support regardless of location or situation. Others provide support on a tier system designed around your budget. And other MMS providers offer more than just mobility management, such as security and cloud options. To ensure your enterprise has the best success implementing an MMS partner, ask about the details of what is offered by each company.

Ultimately, bringing an MMS provider into your enterprise can increase efficiencies and maximize your overall savings. However, choosing the wrong MMS provider can be costly and time consuming. Take time up front to ask questions to make sure the MMS company is the right provider for you.

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