Future-Proof Your Network with MobileWare’s Connectivity-as-a-Service

MobileWare offers Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS). This solution will ensure you receive intuitive global network connectivity while reducing your operational costs — future-proofing not only your network but your bottom line as well.

Always On Connectivity That Keeps Your Business Up and Running

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Any network interruption can have detrimental effects on an organization’s productivity, customer support, and of course, the bottom line. According to Gartner, the estimated average cost of network downtime is $5,600 per minute. The numbers can vary based on how your business operates; at the low end, this downtime issue can cost you as much as $140,000 per hour, and at the higher end, $540,000 per hour. A significant amount — no matter the size of your business.

Instead of spending thousands on equipment and data service, you can leverage MobileWare’s CaaS for a complete end-to-end solution. We offer a comprehensive suite that encompasses a router, modem, SIM card, managed services, and 24/7 support for a monthly fee (30-60 month agreements available).

Our packages include:

  • MobileWare Managed Routers
  • MobileWare Managed LTE Data Plans
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Fully Managed WWAN Connectivity Solutions

MobileWare, partnering alongside industry-leading 4G LTE device manufacturers, offers connectivity solutions designed for branch offices, backup, and the Internet of Things.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art enterprise routers and modems, our fully managed solutions will provide 24x7x365 connectivity on more than 650 carrier networks across 210 countries globally. We support a wide range of applications for your business, including connectivity for ATMs and kiosks, digital signage, industrial automation, point-of-sale (POS), POTS replacement, transportation, SD-WAN, video surveillance, and much more.

Reliable Data Plans for SMBs and Enterprises

MobileWare’s last-mile connectivity solutions are easily managed and profitable for your business. With reliability being one of our core values, we guarantee cost-effective solutions that deploy in days versus the weeks and months offered by other providers. We provide applications, such as wireless failover, SD-WAN connectivity, immediate internet access, carrier-agnostic hotspots for students and remote workers, and more. Not to mention, all these solutions ride on our fully redundant global IP network with enterprise-class 4G LTE internet service.

By choosing to work with us, you don’t just receive our routers and data plans but also the support of our expertly trained team to manage your routers and provide ongoing assistance to ensure your entire solution works as expected. Plus, our detailed usage reports will safeguard you from any excessive overage charges.

 MobileWare’s installation process is a simple plug-and-play! We supply the SIM card and activate, configure, and test the router before shipping, establishing that it’s ready to go upon delivery.

4G – LTE Wireless Backup

No more lost productivity or sales due to internet service issues. MobileWare offers simple and affordable business continuity with a 4G LTE backup solution. Our wireless backup platform is equipped for any small and medium businesses (SMBs) who rely on the internet for credit card processing, email, Google Docs, iCloud, Office 365, or any other business offering. We keep you profitable when your internet service is down — and even when it’s not!

You can count on MobileWare to handle it all! Our wireless backup router comes pre-configured and ready to plug in between your current Cable/DSL/T1/Fiber Modem and router. It’s that simple — saving you time and money with no need to replace any of your current equipment. Our goal is to provide reliable and fast connectivity, removing the stress of network administration and simplifying operational costs.


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