A simple Approach to Reliable Connectivity 

Power Your Business with MobileWare Fixed Wireless

MobileWare’s expansive coverage area and strong connectivity mean you get access to the best wireless carrier in your area, no matter the location. Expand your reach and maintain a trusted connection anywhere you work.

Stuck with an Unreliable  Connection?

Finding a fast and reliable connection can be a struggle if you don’t have fiber internet available. You may experience spotty inventory calculations, intermittent credit card processing, and unreliable communication. Networks often come with slow speeds and low bandwidth. And business doesn’t slow down just because you have an unreliable connection.


Reliable Connectivity at Any Fixed Location

You don’t have to be in the middle of a big city to access fast internet. Fixed wireless connectivity taps into local service providers through receivers on the property, providing a lightning-fast and reliable connection to fixed locations like schools, warehouses, and restaurants without having to string cables all over your property. No more relying on a hotspot or hoping a message will go through.

Fixed Wireless Simplifies Reliable Access

MobileWare’s robust fixed wireless framework means you can have a reliable connection at any office or retail location. Customize your connection to meet your needs with remote management and device analytics, private networks, and encrypted data. Fixed wireless access expands your connection with internet up to 100 times faster than traditional connection modems.


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We are changing the IoT and SIM industry.

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