Managed Mobility Services

MobileWare provides enterprise-level cradle to grave wireless phone services. We help design your wireless strategy, procure and monitor the contracts with the wireless providers, manage and maintain the devices, and assure the security of your wireless phones so you can focus on your business. That is the power of our managed mobility services.

Since we work with every major wireless carrier (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile), we offer virtually every available phone and phone accessory. As a result, we are able to negotiate the best rates possible for your organization and applications. Our enterprise mobility management solution providers are ready to work with you to give you the best managed mobility solution available, personalized for your business.

Furthermore, the Managed Mobility Service elements are broken out into four distinct modules. Some modules overlap in certain areas. For example, the Inventory module provides advanced procurement capabilities that enhance the Core offering.

Not all companies that provide managed mobility services are the same; contact us and see what the best of managed mobility service providers can do for you today.

Core Services Module

MobileWare offers our core services at no cost

  • Procurement: Order devices based on your carrier contract pricing,  and ensure end user receives device within your SLA timeframe.
  • Provisioning: Provision rate plans at point of procurement, as well as managing and tracking all moves, device adds and changes.
  • Order Logistics, Staging & Tracking: Track plans and devices ordered between bill cycle dates, and provide custom staging or bundling for each order.
  • MACD: Trained account team whose members understand your mobility goals, policies and procedures.
  • Device Retirement / Recycling: Support agreed upon process for replacing and recycling devices, in addition to an advanced recycling program.

MobileWare’s Managed Mobility Services Provides

  • Real-Time Analysis: Get real-time alerts when a user exceeds thresholds.
  • Daily optimization: Optimize your pool of voice and data services daily.
  • Inventory/Asset Management: See and manage all of your inventory and telecom assets across the enterprise on a single interface.
  • Expense Management: View all of your billing data on a single interface and easily optimize billing across the enterprise.
  • Procurement: Advanced procurement system allows you to set up user, device & Plan profiles with an integrated approval engine.
  • Policy Creation: Manage wireless use policy distribution and acceptance, plus receive alerts when users violate policy.
  • Bill Allocation: Allocate Billing across centers automatically based on your accounting hierarchy.
  • HR/Billing Reconciliation: Synchronize your carrier billing data with your HR data to efficiently match services to users and process terminations.

Manage mobile devices from a cloud based management interface

  • Remote Troubleshooting: Mobileware or your IT staff can remotely assist users, configure their devices and troubleshoot problems.
  • Device & Application Management: Locate devices, manage, and push applications and device updates over the air.
  • Security: Lock, wipe and disable functions on mobile devices, while leaving personal items intact.
  • Service Management: Track and report service outages, and available wireless coverage by region.
  • Policy Development / Enforcement: IT policy setting can be enforced on a device-by-device level (i.e. lock camera functions, etc).

Help Desk

  • Help desk support hours of operation includes 9 hours of service in customer specific time zone (between 7:00am to 7:00pm CST). 24/7 help desk available
    • Remote Troubleshooting: MobileWare staff can remotely assist users configure their devices and troubleshoot problems.
    • Carrier Service Issue: Work with end user on carrier service issues. Track and report service outages, and available wireless coverage by region.
    • User Errors: Provide end users with general instruction and training.
    • Basic Sync/Client IT Issue: Manage basic Sync admin, password resets, etc.
    • MACD (Moves/Adds/Changes/Delete): Provide the MACD functions to resolve end user issues as necessary.

Deployment & Integration

Use MobileWare experts for a proven integration, configuration, staging, and kitting with our deployment services.   Therefore, getting new technology to your end users effectively and accurately, while empowering your teams with fully integrated mobile solutions.
Microsoft Technology
Utilize the power of Microsoft with seamless management across all environments.
Multi-site deployment teams
Quickly and efficiently deploy solutions to your teams across multiple locations simultaneously, so there is no lag in business functioning.

Telecom Expense Management

Cost Allocation, Reporting, Expense Management
As your use of wireless technology grows, your in-house IT and telecom teams are having to grow in response. They are being stretched to provide purchasing, accounting, 24-hour help desk, lost and found, and concierge services, on top of their other department functions. Let MobileWare handle the details, so you can focus on your core business instead.
MobileWare can help you cut these growing costs by:
  • First, working with your carrier to create the most cost-effective plan for your devices
  • Monitor your device use in real time to prevent overages and unplanned expenses.
  • Managing the lifecycle of all your devices to make your technology costs lower and more predictable.
  • Finally, provide you with outstanding resources, support, and expertise for your IT and telecom department at a fraction of the cost of maintaining that level of staffing in-house

Wireless Plan Optimization

Relationships with Carriers
MobileWare works with all major wireless telephone carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. As a result, we can assess your needs to identify the carrier and service package that best meets your requirements.
Our relationships with these carriers enable us to negotiate favorable contract terms that reflect your company’s unique needs. Furthermore, we serve as your single source for wireless device procurement, support, and service.
Our customized strategic planning and monitoring helps eliminate contract overlap, overage charges, and unintentional contract renewals. Also, we factor in the total cost of ownership for the life of each contract and device.

Detailed Reporting

MobileWare provides you with instant detailed reporting that allows you to see how your company is using its devices and where costs can be saved. Consequently, we can modify your carrier plan on the fly to keep your wireless bills from being a constant source of anxiety.
Most noteworthy, we use our extensive knowledge of the industry and best practices to analyze long-term trends so that you can make data-driven decisions, hence eliminating waste and maximizing your wireless investment.

Device Reporting & Management

MobileWare provides you with customized monthly reports, therefore letting you keep track of all the devices your company is using and how they are being used. We provide the data you need to make informed decisions about how to best deploy wireless services throughout your company, resulting in no more guessing about what your staff needs to increase productivity. Our mobile device reporting & management system gives you the power to negotiate wireless contracts to your advantage and realize the savings that are hiding in your wireless bills.

Mobile Device Bill Analysis & Optimization

Our Mobile Device Bill Analysis & Optimization program does this tedious work for you.
First of all we show you how your wireless use is evolving, and recommend ways to modify your carrier’s plan to prevent waste. Therefore, keeping your bills as low as possible.
A business can end up blindly paying it’s wireless bills every month, consequently missing out on significant savings.  In addition to modifying a plan, MobileWare can assist with closely analyzing usage patterns.