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MobileWare Single SIM™ – The Only SIM You Need

Single SIM™ gives you the freedom to choose from 650 cellular networks at will across 210 countries, so you will have full control over the quality of your connectivity from anywhere in the world.

MobileWare Single SIM

About Our Single SIM

Without a steady internet connection, your business operations can grind to a halt and you may lose out on valuable sales. Your business needs to be connected at all times. That’s why you need the most reliable, consistent connectivity available—and that’s what MobileWare Single SIM™ provides.

If your network goes down, your customers will go elsewhere. Usually, you may require tons of SIM cards and constantly switch between them to enjoy excellent, interruption-free SIM card connectivity. But this is hardly an efficient solution. And that’s where the need for a multi carrier SIM comes in. 

A multi carrier SIM card is a single SIM card that eliminates the need for multiple SIM cards to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity. Yes, your business can stay connected at all times with just one sim card thanks to MobileWare Single SIM™, a solution that allows for uninterrupted connectivity any time, any day.

With multi IMSI technology, MobileWare Single SIM automatically figures out the best network for your device at all times based on real-time communication with 650+ operator networks around the world. If one network goes down, it will find the next best network within seconds to avoid interruption.

Cellular IoT Connectivity

You Can Control

Take full control over the quality and cost of your connectivity from anywhere in the world with our proprietary SIM multicarrier. With the highest internet service (3G or LTE) available and the lowest latency, MobileWare Single SIM™ gives you the freedom to choose from 650 cellular networks at will across 210 countries.

Our unique Single SIM™ multi-carrier solution is easy to deploy and connects to numerous locations without having to manage multiple carrier contracts or SIM cards. Customers experience significant savings on their cellular connectivity spend thanks to our multi operator SIM card solution

The Single SIM™ rides on our fully redundant global IP network with a scalable and robust core carrier network, offering a multi operator SIM with great connectivity around the world at all times. This makes it possible for you to connect with your customers, regardless of location.

With the MobileWare Single SIM™ card and data connectivity, your daily business operations become:

  • More productive
  • More reliable
  • Most cost-efficient
  • More secure
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MobileWare SingleSIM Lg

How MobileWare

Single SIM™ Works

MobileWare Single SIM works using multi IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) technology. What does that mean for you? It means, based on a multi IMSI solution, we can leverage our regional and local carrier pricing to deliver one Single SIM™ card—just one—that will work from anywhere you need it. All you have to do is just load up and go!

Our advanced multi IMSI SIM card works seamlessly with the device you use and does not require any configuration.

MobileWare’s expert engineering team designs, tests and quickly deploys a customized multi ISMI solution to meet and exceed today’s digital demands.

Our Single SIM™ technology provides quadruple redundancy connectivity to avoid interruption during natural disasters.

Our multi network SIM card connects to the strongest network at any given time, so you can stay connected for one low price.

  • Local rates
  • Dynamic IMSI allocation
  • Direct roaming agreements
  • No settings required

MobileWare’s multi provider SIM card is easily managed with our SaaS platform. It’s an intuitive dashboard that provides one billing solution, real-time usage and security reports, API integration, and more.

Who Needs

MobileWare Single SIM™

We get it. Your business needs a reliable, flexible, and affordable way to stay connected to anyone, anywhere in the world.

MobileWare helps customers harness efficiency, scalability and security with simplicity. We offer service-focused innovation and best-in-class technology solutions to meet your growth objectives and streamline your business operations.

As an innovative mobile carrier, MobileWare provides an unmatchable enterprise-grade solution for Fortune 500 & IoT/M2M companies with multiple locations. We ensure a secure and continuous internet connection for all devices, no matter where they are in the world.

When you use our Single SIM™ card, your clients, staff, and customers can connect to your business no matter where they go or how often they change locations. Happy employees, happy customers! This is the perfect solution for companies who want to service their customers’ needs without having to worry about IoT SIM management.

Our MobileWare Single SIM™ serves:



(including kiosks)



Transportation / Logistics


MobileWare Single SIM™


Easy and quick deployment


Achieve true, seamless global coverage


Regional and local carrier prices on one single SIM card, as local, anywhere you need solution


Reduces connectivity costs


Rely on one SIM and one global billing relationship to avoid the hassle of managing multiple carriers or multiple SIMs


No configuration or settings required


Available in any form factor or size


Fully redundant global IP network with a scalable and robust core carrier network


SaaS platform to help you manage and control a full lifecycle of your SIM card


Expert support available 24x7x365

Flexibility and Fast Delivery

We understand that you are looking for a long-term partner that meets your needs, both technically and financially. MobileWare has been providing white-glove service and reliability to our customers for 20 years.

With our global distribution centers and dedicated account managers, we will ensure your technical setup and SIMs are delivered on time. Plus, with our 24x7x365 support team, you’ll receive the highest quality of ongoing service, anytime you need.

MobileWare Single SIM

Advanced Features

We strive to provide the most innovative connectivity solutions for our customers with full transparency.

We safeguard your business from cyber threats with our Clean Pipe solution. Leverage our DDoS attack protection, Botnet disruption, malware scanning and prevention, phishing prevention, and real-time malicious traffic monitoring.


Cyber security


Bandwidth performance management


Quality of service (QoS)


Deep packet inspection (DPI)


Traffic shaping

Software as a service

SaaS Management Platform

We have developed a top-of-the-line SaaS platform to help you oversee the complete lifecycle of your SIM cards.

Easily manage all of your global connectivity via our single intuitive dashboard, and our real-time usage and security reports will help stay on top of your business.


Life cycle management


Detailed reporting


Real-time usage & security monitoring


Incident ticket system


API for a native integration

Modern mobility is all about seamless connectivity. Waiting for network checks to complete while connecting to another device or another network is so archaic! So, if you want your business to run smoothly and stay connected at any given moment, you need a MobileWare Single SIM!

We are changing the IoT and SIM industry.

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