Over the last ten years, many companies have made smartphone support part of their overall IT network program and strategy. This has led to much soul-searching among network managers regarding what is the optimal managed mobility solution, particularly as apps have become as ubiquitous as smart devices. Here is a brief set of guidelines you should consider when looking for a mobile device management solution.

What is the Scope of Your Manage Mobility Needs

This is an easier issue to solve than it might first appear. The best way to answer it is to ask yourself three basic questions. Who needs communications mobility management in your company? What do they need it for? What managed mobility services companies can meet that need and not sacrifice security?

The answers to those questions will cover the majority of the scope of your company’s mobility capability needs. They will also help define permissions and security needs. Finally, by only looking at companies that can do what you want while maintaining your security levels, you quickly rule out any managed mobility services providers that cannot seamlessly meet your needs.

Ease of Management

A mobile device management provider might have the best administration software on the planet, but if it is too complicated to use, it might as well not exist. The mobility management company you decide to go with must provide you with a robust but easy to use software interface and system. This is particularly true if your company experiences a high attrition rate and mobile device turnover.

Simple Maintenance

No matter how robust, every system will have update and maintenance needs. If you have a few users, the ease of maintenance might not be that big of a deal. But if your company has a lot of mobile users, being able to quickly and seamlessly update their accounts is critical.

The managed mobility solution you go with has to be able to meet your needs both now and in the future. Choosing the company that can do that requires you insist on certain criteria. Use this checklist as you evaluate your mobile management options.