Why MobileWare?

Delivering Secure Cellular Global IoT Solutions Effortlessly Since 2004

Our Story of Innovation and Evolution

MobileWare is the industry-leading IoT solution provider that delivers end-to-end innovative IoT connectivity solutions to the restaurant, retail, education, security, and transportation/logistics industries with our unique single carrier SIM card and data connectivity solution. 

In addition to our fully managed technology services portfolio supporting mobility, wireline, IoT and security, we now offer MobileWare Single SIM to simply and securely connect all endpoints between customers around the world. We are committed to easing the burden of your IoT requirements so you can focus on the important task of running your business. 

We pioneer IoT solutions that reduce operational costs (averaging at least 36% savings for businesses), drive UX, and add efficiencies by connecting people, places, and things by supporting our clients with exceptional service. 


MobileWare is full lifecycle technology management firm supporting mobility, wireline, IoT, and security.. Finding strategic solutions to save companies money is where we excel most with our clients averaging at least 36% savings. We do this while maintaining optimal customer service with the latest in technology offering a user friendly cohesive experience. This is from beginning to end.

We are carrier agnostic so know the advice we give is without bias and a true honest outlook of your mobility and technology terrain. This is done in real time not after your bill comes and you are left to only correct mistakes instead of actively addressing immediate issues to ensure continued success in savings on your technology spend. Keep in mind customer, service through the multiple carriers is just that, someone looking out for the carrier, not your company. Would you go to trial without a lawyer to help defend you? Probably not or we hope not. The same goes for the complex world of mobility and all it has to offer. You don’t have to go it alone and keeping it in house often is more expensive.

Efficient Operations

Streamline your company operations with faster time to market and easy global deployment and management.


Simple billing, transparent pricing regardless of carrier network, customized data plans.

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